Can this action lead to shoplifting charges?
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Can this action lead to shoplifting charges?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When people think of shoplifting charges, they typically think of someone going into a physical store and stealing an item from the shelves.

However, shoplifting as a crime actually covers more actions than this simple act of physical theft. What else can lead to a shoplifting charge, then?

Texas Penal Code discusses numerous other offenses that carry a shoplifting charge beyond simply stealing items.

Concealment of items

First: concealing items. It is something that some people do without any nefarious intentions. If a person, for example, puts a pair of sunglasses into a box of shoes when they ant to buy both, they may do so to make the items easier to carry. However, employees might have a suspicion that the person is attempting to hide an item so they can remove it without payment.

Disabling security devices

Next: removing or disabling security devices. The use of tools to disable security cameras can result in a person getting arrested before they even leave the store, whether or not they intended to actually steal anything or even have any contraband on hand.

Messing with price tags

Finally: messing around with price tags. The removal, alteration or replacement of price tags is a punishable offense. People sometimes attempt to do this in order to avoid outright stealing. However, attempting to get an enormous discount through a false price tag is still a form of theft. Thus, the penal code will treat it as a shoplifting incident.

Any of these actions can land a person with the same sort of charges that someone outright stealing could face.