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Holding Police Accountable For Illegal Search And Seizure

When a police officer illegally searches you or your property and seizes evidence against you in the process, they are violating your rights as an American citizen. Unfortunately, holding these officers accountable for their actions is easier said than done, but it is possible with the help of the right Texas attorney.

At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I am a lawyer who helps clients defend themselves against criminal charges as well as hold officers accountable for their illegal actions. As a former officer myself, I know how police should operate within the confines of the law, and how to seek justice against them when they do not.

Developing A Case To Make You Whole

If the police did not have a warrant, did not gain your permission, did not see illegal items in plain sight and the search was not conducted after an arrest or during an emergency, then the search was likely illegal.

Instead of fighting officers during an illegal search, you can hold them accountable through swift and experienced legal action after the fact. When I take these cases, I take the time to gather the information necessary to build the strongest case possible for my clients, such as:

  • Did the police have probable cause to conduct the search?
  • What was the officer’s reason for their search?
  • Was their reason legitimate?
  • What evidence did they collect during their search?

Often, the evidence collected in an illegal search is inadmissible in any criminal case, so proving a search was illegal can be especially beneficial for a victim.

Let Me Stand Up To The Police

If you are ready to meet with an attorney who is not afraid of taking these cases against the police, call my Prosper office today at 214-310-9196. You can also contact me online to schedule your initial consultation today. No matter how you reach out to me, now is the best possible time to do so, so do not wait another moment to hold the police accountable for their illegal search against you.