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Defenses For Possession Of Marijuana Charges

In many states across the country, cannabis laws are relaxing. It is likely that these laws will continue to change in the future. However, recreational marijuana is still illegal in Texas.

Although many people do not view marijuana as a serious drug, facing possession of marijuana charges is a serious situation. At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I will treat your defense case with the same level of care that I treat other drug charge defense cases.

I Create Strategies That Protect Your Rights

As your defense attorney, I can challenge several aspects of marijuana possession charges, including:

  • The legitimacy of the search and seizure: Police must respect your constitutional rights. If officers found marijuana during a wrongful search, I will fight to remove all illegally obtained evidence from court in your defense.
  • The type and THC content of the substance: Unless the substance in question comes from a part of the cannabis plant that contains a high amount of THC, which is the signature psychoactive chemical of marijuana, it might not be illegal. Other elements of the cannabis plant with low THC, including cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp, are legal in Texas.
  • Whether the marijuana was truly in your possession: In order to convict you, the court must prove that the drug was in your possession. If marijuana was found in your vehicle or near your personal items, for example, it might still belong to someone else. The prosecution needs strong evidence linking you to the drug directly.

Through crime lab analysis reports, witness testimony and other evidence, I will work to minimize or prevent criminal penalties. You can trust me to be a loyal advocate on your side every step of the way.

Discuss Your Defense With Me

Whether you are a Texas resident or an out-of-state traveler in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, I can represent you. Call The Law Offices of James Angelino at 214-310-9196 or email my firm in Frisco for a consultation. With experience in hundreds of criminal trials, I know how to fight against drug charges.