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Testimonials From My Former Clients

Experienced, Effective, Dedicated and Knowledgeable. Highly Recommended!

James S. Angelino handled my case professionally and was very thorough. He is responsive and shows a dedication to your case that makes you feel like you are his most important client. He tells you exactly what to expect and what says it all is that I trusted him with my life and he succeeded! Best lawyer in town!!

Elizabeth, a DWI client. James handled my DUI/DWI matter.

Mr. Angelino did everything for me that he was supposed to do with my case. This was the first DWI charge so the outcome of the case was very important to me. Mr. Angelino was very knowledgeable in Collin County, and it worked for me to choose him to represent me. Overall I rate him an EXCELLENT rating and a fantastic lawyer, and a really upfront and cool guy. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.

DWI client.

I hired Mr. Angelino after I felt afraid for my fate being in another lawyers’ hands with whom I had previously hired. I am a stay-at-home mother and feared being away from my children. I felt if I stayed with my first lawyer, I may very well be sent to jail. James, first and foremost, calmed my fears. He immediately took over my case. James doesn’t sugarcoat the facts but is reassuring. It was nice to have someone fight for me and my family! Which led me to have the courage to seek help and make some changes in my life. James walked me through every step. Constant communication was kept, usually via text messages! He was very respectful to my husband during meetings and included him in discussions. (Which helped my husband stay positive for me.) After my court appearance, the judge turned to me and said, “Mr. Angelino is very good counsel, please take his advice for the future.” Those words said it all! Thank you, James, for believing in me and for all you do

Dan, a Criminal Defense client. James handled my Criminal Defense matter.

Mr. Angelino is a great lawyer all around. He always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. James didn’t beat around the bush either. What was going to happen was explained to me before anything was filed or brought to court. I was very confident in Mr. Angelino’s ability to carry out what he had explained to me what was going to happen and what he could do for me. Anytime I had a question he was more than willing to answer it. I always refer anybody who asks for a lawyer to him.

Carla, a DWI client.

Mr. Angelino is a Lawyer who not only has tremendous knowledge of the Field Sobriety Test “Manual” and “DWI Laws” but also knows how to effectively “cross-examine” an officer in front of a jury. In my case – The arresting officers report indicated that I was driving while Intoxicated and ‘failed’ multiple field sobriety tests. Once Mr. Angelino reviewed the officer’s report, video and transcription of my arrest he was able to prove the officer performed almost every test on me incorrectly. The officer even testified under oath, in front of a Jury that he fallowed each test “by the book”! Mr. Angelino asked the arresting officer to “provide his book” ( Training Manual for Field Sobriety Tests ) to the court, however, the officer was not able to locate it. So, Mr. Angelino provided “every Field Sobriety Test Manual written” for training officers on how to perform these roadside tests when suspecting a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol to the jury, and proved the officer inaccurately performed the tests and inaccurately described my performance and results at the time I was arrested. After two days in court, it only took the Jury less than 10 minutes to deliberate and find me “not guilty”. Thank you, Mr. Angelino!!

Christina, a DUI client.

Mr. Angelino is a great lawyer! He bypassed all my expectations as my lawyer. He went above and beyond to help me in my case. I paid significantly less for my ticket than I originally thought and my community service was cut in half. James stayed on top of my case and helped the whole way. You can tell he cares about his clients and wants to do the best job he can do. I will hire Mr. Angelino for any future legal problems I have and I recommend him for anybody looking for a great lawyer.

DWI client.

Mr. Angelino was referred to me as “the lawyer that cops are afraid to go up against.” He did an amazing job communicating with me (via text, which is perfect for my generation.) Not only did he win my case, but he kept me confident and really seemed to care about the results.

T.W.C., a DWI client,

Jimmy Angelino is the best choice for DWI/DUI defense! He won my case with his insurmountable knowledge of the system with ease, flow and grace.

Jimmy was recommended to me by 2 people when I was seeking recommendations for representation. I was impressed by his extreme depth of knowledge of both sides of intoxication cases, in addition to him truly caring about the wellbeing of his clients. His intention is authentic in every aspect, which is what I respected most about Jimmy.

I knew I had the best lawyer when the judge commented, while we were on a break, that I had “an excellent lawyer one of the best”, and this was before we won! Another key moment of reference that I had the best lawyer, was when the police officer who arrested me was exiting the courtroom expressed to Jimmy, that he had never been challenged with the depth of questioning in a courtroom before. This confirmed in court, that he is highly respected by all members of the justice system.

If you want a lawyer who will explain your options and work tirelessly, up to the day of the trial, to win your case, Jimmy Angelino is the lawyer to do it! His knowledge of the law and experience on the police force allows him to bring to light several aspects of your case other attorneys would miss or overlook. Jimmy went out of his way to keep me informed of the progress of the case and my legal options.

I recommend James Angelino to anyone who doesn’t want to take a chance with his or her DWI/DUI charge. Jimmy is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lawyer who truly cares about the wellbeing of his clients and wins!

DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

When my daughter found herself accused of a DWI, by chance we found the perfect attorney for the job. Not only was his knowledge and experience with the field sobriety test useful it became the very basis of her defense. If you find yourself in this situation you can’t choose a better man to aid you. He is the best!

Nathalie, a DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

James Angelino helped me through the terrifying ordeal of a DUI charge. My confidence in him was there from the very first visit to his office. I was scared and alone through it all and he assured, comforted, and never candy-coated the situation. My charges were complex and my trust in his ability was paramount. He was always available to answer the numerous never-ending questions I had. I would and do recommend James to those who are looking for a smart, patient, extremely knowledgable in the law and his craft, and above all caring and nonjudgmental. Thank you, James, from the bottom of my heart can never express in words how you saved my life. Nathalie

DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

I could not have asked for a nicer person, more professional, or better attorney to guide me through a very scary experience in my life. I not so much had ever had a speeding ticket, or been in trouble in any way with the law, when I found myself in handcuffs, arrested with a DUI. I am a mother of 4, stay at home mom, and made a mistake. I was terrified. I felt that Mr. Angelino did everything in his power to reassure me that it was all going to be ok. His responses to my questions (and I had MANY, and they were OFTEN) were always very timely. He never made me feel like my questions were stupid, thus making me feel more confident, which made a horrible experience much more bearable, and I thank him for that. Even if I didn’t like his answers he was always honest with me.

I needed a strong-willed, honest, straight-forward, trustworthy, patient, and experienced lawyer, and he proved to be just that. I believe that after interviewing several attorneys, choosing Mr. Angelino, was the best decision I could have made. I felt the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders when I walked into his office for the first time. He went above and beyond his requirements as my legal counsel to make sure I understood my situation, not sugar coating anything, but also not wanting me to feel afraid…he cared when so many judged. He earned my trust during my first meeting and holds it to this day. I not only would recommend Mr. Angelino, I have recommended him…and always will. After working with him during my case and staying in contact over several years, I consider him not only an outstanding attorney and very well educated in the law, but also… my friend.

DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

I met Jimmy in 2008 while looking for legal representation after a questionable DWI arrest. I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge of both sides of intoxication cases. The years he spent as a Police Officer for Dallas and the Chief Prosecutor handling intoxication offenses provided him with a depth of understanding beyond that of most criminal lawyers. Jimmy clearly explained my options and listened to my expectations for the case. He worked tirelessly for over two years, up to the day of the trial, to see that my charges were dropped. His knowledge of the law and experience on the police force allowed him to bring to light several aspects of the case other attorneys would have missed. In court, it was easy to see that he is highly respected by all members of the justice system. Jimmy went out of his way to keep me informed of the progress of the case and my legal options.

I recommend James Angelino to anyone who doesn’t want to take a chance with his or her DWI/DUI charge. It is easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right lawyer, but choosing correctly can mean the difference between moving on and going to jail. Jimmy is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lawyer who truly cares about the wellbeing of his clients.

Spencer, a DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

Mr. Angelino is one of the best lawyers I have ever met or used. Not only is he a member of the armed forces but he is very thorough and gives you a straight answer and timely response every time you have a question or concern. He also doesn’t nickel and dime you to death. He has helped me and some others and we would all be in worse places of our life if it wasn’t for this man. Thank you very much sir! I hope to never need him again but I won’t be losing his card in case I do.

DWI client. James handled my DUI / DWI matter.

Jimmy really demonstrated his knowledge of DUI/DWI law, from pretrial to closing arguments, Jimmy definitely controlled the courtroom. After my trial, even the judge said that Jimmy took a case that should have been a slam dunk for the prosecution, but instead, made them pretty much fight like hell to win it. Although we lost, I would tell anyone who gets a DUI/DWI to call Jimmy.

Jeff Hargis, a Criminal Defense client. James handled my Criminal Defense matter.

In 2009 I received a DWI 3 or more and retained Mr. James Scott Angelino as my attorney. Mr. Angelino went far and beyond his call of duty. I was not a criminal, but I was a sick man suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Realizing this Mr. Angelino convinced the judge that I was in need of medical attention, therapy and treatment instead of a lengthy prison sentence. Because of Mr. Angelino’s efforts, I have been clean and sober for more than four years, and he literally saved my life in addition to this he gave me a second chance for a new and exciting life. If it were not for Mr. Angelino I would not be alive today. My family, loved ones and I are so grateful beyond belief for his efforts. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for his concern, professionalism, and special interest he took on my behalf. I thank James Scott Angelino from the bottom of my heart for his efforts. Not only for his professionalism but going that extra mile to get me the help I needed. Not only do I not suffer from alcoholism anymore, but I have a new lease on an exciting adventurous life that I never thought was possible would never even think about using a different Attorney, because you cannot find a finer attorney. Thank you Mr. Angelino.