Assault Family Violence
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Serious Representation Against Family Violence Charges

An accusation of family violence is a serious matter. These accusations can also come during an aggressive divorce or a bitter child custody case. When a conviction of these charges can threaten your rights, freedom and family, you deserve a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I am here to help defend you against your criminal charges. I know how devastating these charges can be, which is why I explore all possible options for defending my clients before taking the course of action that best represents their unique needs.

Developing The Right Defense For You

When an accusation of family violence charges comes down to your word against theirs, research can be the winning advantage in defending yourself. You can rest easy knowing that I am going the extra mile for you when you commit to my services.

From reviewing related video footage to establishing an alibi that can refute your accusation, nothing is outside of my scope of consideration when it comes to helping my clients. On top of reviewing defense options, my role as your defense attorney will also help you through negotiations to reduce the charges you are facing or the sentencing in your case.

I understand that every case I take is unique, which is why I make sure to provide my clients with the personalized representation they need to reflect the unique nature of their cases. I do not leave my clients in the dark about what I am doing for them, and I do not leave them feeling like just another case in a file cabinet.

Have An Experienced Defender At Your Side

I have been representing clients throughout Texas since 1995. If you are ready to employ decades of experience to protect you through your family violence charges, call my office in Prosper at 214-310-9196 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.