Underage DUI

Protecting Minors From DUI Charges

A minor facing criminal charges can experience consequences that considerably impact their future, and a DUI is no exception. While an adult who drives while under the influence will face DWI charges, a child will face DUI charges. In these defense cases, you need a lawyer who can explain to you what is at stake while also defending your child’s future.

At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I am proud to help families throughout Texas with these difficult situations. To help them achieve the outcome they deserve in their defense cases, I use my extensive experience as an attorney as well as my experience as a police officer to help my clients. I have also taught officers how to prosecute these cases, so I know how to build a strong defense against their strategies.

What You Should Know About These Charges

For DUI charges against a minor, they are likely facing Class C misdemeanor charges. The good news about these charges is that even in the event of a conviction, it is possible to expunge these charges in the future with the help of an experienced attorney.

However, my goal as your family’s representation is to prevent a conviction from ever happening. In any criminal defense case I take, I review the details of the case to look for any opportunity to beat the charges, such as lack of probable cause or insufficient or tampered evidence. I can also work to defend your child by negotiating for reduced charges or lighter sentencing if necessary.

Rely On Experienced Representation

Instead of settling for a public defender or trying to represent your child on your own, rely on my experience to help you overcome the charges your child is facing. Call my Prosper office at 214-310-9196 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.