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Trust A Highly Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you face criminal charges, you might feel like everyone around you is choosing sides – and jumping to conclusions. However, the criminal defense process is your chance to stand up for your rights.

I, James Angelino, will fight on your side. From the initial police investigation to your arrest to criminal court, The Law Offices of James Angelino can be your advocate. Based in Frisco, I have a reputation for providing skilled defense throughout Texas.

Whatever The Charges, I Am Ready

Over the course of my career as a criminal law attorney, I have successfully defended clients against charges such as:

I can help you overcome both your defense trial and any legal problems that arise afterward. Whether you need defense for a probation violation, or you want to keep a prior conviction private, you can turn to me for guidance.

Build A Smart Defense Strategy

Law enforcement does not always get the truth when responding to a situation, nor do they always follow the right procedures. My job is to make sure that your rights are respected.

As a former police officer and former prosecutor, I know how the other side forms their strategies. Therefore, I also know how to build an argument that is as strong as possible.

I examine every detail of the evidence, including witness testimony, photos, documents, test results and more. If a piece of evidence was not obtained lawfully, I will insist that it should not count against you. No matter the odds, I will work to protect you.

Call Me Today

As soon as you suspect that you could face criminal charges, get a lawyer who can represent your best interests. For a free case review, call 214-310-9196 or email me.