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Facing Retail Theft And Shoplifting Charges In Texas? Call A Criminal Defense Attorney

Texas prosecutes retail theft and shoplifting under Texas Penal Code Chapter 31. The penalties for convictions under this statute can be serious. With the increase of self-checkouts, CCTV and other technology, retail theft and shoplifting cases can be quite complex.

I’m attorney James Angelino, at The Law Offices of James Angelino, and I have years of experience assisting criminal defendants in Prosper, Texas, against retail theft and shoplifting charges. As both a former police officer and prosecutor, I have a unique perspective that helps me spot opportunities for a good defense.

Are The Police Biased In Favor Of Store Owners?

Police officers are only human, which means they are not free from bias. When called to a store to investigate accusations of theft, they are likely to be supportive and even biased in favor of the shopkeeper. Why?

All humans, including police officers, look to find evidence that confirms what they have been told. This means that if they’ve been told you stole, they’ll be looking for evidence to prove this – rather than disprove it. You should exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

As a former prosecutor, I know how the investigative process works, and I can help you assert your rights as a defendant.

Can You Shoplift Accidentally?

Shopping can be a hectic experience. Most people have nearly forgotten to pay for something before walking out of a store.

However, this could still result in charges. Many people find themselves facing charges due to simple errors like not scanning at a self-checkout. However, for retail theft and shoplifting charges to stand, the prosecution must prove you intended to permanently deprive someone of their property.

Potential penalties for retail theft and shoplifting vary depending on the value of goods. For property under $100, the penalty is a maximum fine of $500. The theft of property over $1000 prison sentences.

Call Today To Fight Retail Theft And Shoplifting Charges

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