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A Former Prosecutor Fighting Theft Charges

If you have been accused of committing theft, you need a skilled attorney who knows how to defend against such charges. At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I have extensive experience defending clients against misdemeanor and felony theft charges in Texas. As a former police officer and prosecutor, I know how the state builds cases against my clients. This perspective allows me to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s cases that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Handling All Types Of Theft-Related Criminal Cases

Theft is defined as the taking of property from someone without their consent. Examples of this are shoplifting or writing a bad check. If you intend to permanently keep what you take, it’s a theft. The type of charge you receive is based on the value of the items that were stolen. A theft of an item worth less than $50 will result in a Class C misdemeanor and a fine not to exceed $500. A theft of property worth over $200,000 will result in a first-degree felony charge that could land you up to life in prison. The following is a range of values and the criminal charges associated with those item values:

  • Less than $50 – Class C misdemeanor: Up to a $500 fine.
  • $50 to $500 – Class B misdemeanor: Up to 180 days in County Jail and up to a $2,000 fine.
  • $500 to $1,500 – Class A misdemeanor: Up to one year in the County Jail and up to a $4,000 fine.
  • $1,500 to $20,000 – State jail felony: 180 days to two years in a State Jail Facility and up to a $10,000 fine.
  • $20,000 to $100,000 – Third-degree felony: Two years to 10 years in the Texas Department of Corrections and up to a $10,000 fine.
  • $100,000 to $200,000 – Second-degree felony: Two years to 20 years in the Texas Department of Corrections and up to a $10,000 fine.
  • $200,000 or more – First-degree felony: Five years to 99 years and/or life in the Texas Department of Corrections and up to a $10,000 fine

If you’ve been arrested and charged with theft, you need legal representation you can count on. Theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude that can have long-lasting effects. Even a Class C theft conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. I care about my clients and their concerns. I have the legal expertise you need to put this serious legal matter behind you.

Defending Against Auto Theft Charges

Charges for auto theft also come with intense consequences that I want to help defend you from. One viable defense in these cases is proving a lack of intent to steal. In some cases, the accused simply borrowed the car for longer than agreed upon.

If the vehicle in question has a value over $2,500, or if your case involves UUMV (Unauthorized Use of Motorized Vehicle), the charges escalate to felony charges. Felony charges come with more severe penalties, and I am prepared to do everything in my power to defend you from a conviction in these cases.

Call Today For Trusted Defense Representation

I am an aggressive criminal defense attorney who has practiced in courts all over the metroplex. As an ex-police officer and a prosecutor, I know the intricacies of these types of cases. Call 214-310-9196 or contact me online for a free consultation.