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Is A Past Criminal Charge Holding You Back?

You May Be Eligible For An Expunction

What can you do if you were arrested and the charges were dismissed, weren’t filed or you were found not guilty? If that has happened to you, you might be eligible for an expunction. An expunction can wipe away any record of an arrest and criminal charges that were filed against you.

You may have thought that if the case was dismissed or you were found not guilty at trial, there would be no record of the criminal incident. That is not true! The arrest and the crime that you were charged with will still show up if someone does a criminal history check. This means that people could hold your arrest against you even though charges were never filed, dismissed or you were found not guilty!

Ensure that this does not happen to you. Let The Law Offices of James Angelino see if you are eligible for an expunction. After an expunction is granted, all records of your arrest and charges will be completely eliminated.

Petitions For Nondisclosure

Some people cannot get their records expunged. If that happens to be you, there may be another option for you. It’s called an Order of Nondisclosure. If a person has successfully completed probation where they have received deferred adjudication, they may be eligible for an order of nondisclosure. Although it does not erase your criminal history, it does not allow your criminal history to be disclosed to anyone but law enforcement. The kind of crime you were charged with will determine whether or not you are entitled to an order of nondisclosure and, if so, how long of a waiting period will there be before you can obtain the order.

In just about all misdemeanors, you may file a petition for an order of nondisclosure immediately after you have successfully completed deferred probation. There are some misdemeanors that have a waiting period. During the waiting period, you cannot be charged with any other crime except for a traffic ticket. If you are, the petition may not be granted.

On felonies, if eligible, there is a five-year waiting period before you can file for a petition of nondisclosure. The five-year waiting period starts as soon as you complete your deferred adjudication.

Contact My Law Office To Discuss Cleaning Up A Past Criminal Record

If you think you may be eligible for an expunction or a petition for nondisclosure, contact my law office online or call at 214-310-9196 for a free consultation.