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Aggressive Criminal Defense

Collin County criminal lawyer James Angelino has knowledge and experience to handle your case in the most appropriate and effective matter. We discuss all your options under Texas law so you can make a knowing and intelligent decision on what representation works best for you. You are counseled on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, our good faith belief on what issues are ripe for defenses, and how your case might fare in front of a jury. For jury trials, we can contract jury consultants to assist us in learning as much as possible about each potential juror. If you have pending charges in other jurisdictions, we can network with attorney's in neighboring counties to assist with your additional cases. If the additional cases are in Dallas, Denton, or Tarrant Counties, we can work a combined fee to wrap up all your cases.

With the ramifications of a conviction so severe, you need a lawyer who has unique expertise and knowledge. A lawyer who is not afraid to go to trial, knows how to evaluate a case, and who understands what law enforcement is supposed to do. If you are looking for the person other lawyers go to when they need advice about an offense in Denton County, Collin County, or Dallas County you’ve come to the right place.

Complete Investigation of Your Case

We investigate each client's case, making an independent determination of all the evidence, possible defenses, and credibility of witnesses. Also our investigation may answer questions on whether or not your Constitutional rights were protected or violated.

Our Goals in Serving You
  • If there are any flaws in your case-find them
  • Determine if any of your rights were violated (reasonable suspicion, probable cause, illegal search and seizure).
  • Guarantee that your rights are protected in the future.
  • If the evidence is overwhelming against you, negotiate the best possible disposition.
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