As a professional driver, how might a DWI affect you?
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As a professional driver, how might a DWI affect you?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | DWI

As a professional driver, you rely on using your vehicle lawfully every day. Without the appropriate license, you simply wouldn’t be able to do this.

Having legal access to your vehicle means that you can provide for your family, cover the bills and lead a relatively comfortable life. All of this means that your license is something that’s worth fighting for. The truth is, a DWI can place all of this in jeopardy. As a professional driver, it is vital that you defend yourself when facing DWI charges, and here’s why:

License suspension

The state can revoke your driving license if you are convicted of DWI offenses. This could turn your life upside down, particularly if you drive for a living. You will have to rely on other means of transport, at least for a while, and they may simply not be practical. Ultimately, you might have to seek another vocation, which can be challenging in a sometimes volatile employment market. 

Insurance policies

Even if you manage to avoid license suspension after a DWI conviction, there are other factors to consider. Insurance companies tend to take a dim view of people who have been prosecuted for driving violations. Your insurance premiums may skyrocket or you might lose coverage altogether. If you drive for a living, it is possible that you require specialist insurance, which can be put at risk with convictions.

DWI charges can impact your personal life and employment, which is why you must challenge them if placed in this position. Having a firm understanding of your legal rights in Texas will help you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.