3 acts other than stealing that can lead to shoplifting charges
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3 acts other than stealing that can lead to shoplifting charges

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Shoplifting is one of the more common forms of theft in Texas. Although many times shoplifting is an opportunistic crime involving children or teenagers putting items in their pocket or grabbing something and running out of the store, sometimes shoplifting is a well-planned and even organized act.

Store managers, loss prevention professionals and security officers are all on the lookout for warning signs of shoplifting. Any of the three behaviors below could lead to charges as easily as stealing something from the store could.

Disabling or removing security devices

Successful shoplifting often depends on avoiding the notice of security. People who intentionally remove security devices by opening packaging or who carry special tools to deactivate the devices could face arrest even if they never leave the store.

Concealing merchandise

Putting a pair of sunglasses that you want to buy inside the box for the shoes you intend to buy may make it easier for you to carry everything, but it may also lead to suspicions from retail workers about your true intentions. The way that you use a shopping cart could also lead to people suspecting you of concealing merchandise for the intention of removing it from the store without paying for it.

Removing, replacing or altering a price tag

Some people shoplift not by outright stealing but by paying far less than an item is worth. Any attempt to alter or replace the barcode or price tag on an item at a retail shop could lead to a shoplifting charge even if you don’t steal anything.

Recognizing the different behaviors that could lead to theft charges in Texas will potentially help you from making errors with lasting consequences.