Can you face a DWI for anything other than alcohol impairment?
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Can you face a DWI for anything other than alcohol impairment?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | DWI

When you think about a driving while intoxicated arrest, you might imagine someone who has been drinking alcohol heavily. The reality is that any kind of intoxicating or impairing substance could cause you to make driving mistakes that lead to a DWI.

Interestingly, there are several kinds of substances that might lead to a DWI charge. Those could include things like over-the-counter medications that made you too drowsy to drive safely or prescription drugs that are known to cause impairment.

What are some common substances that may lead to DWIs?

The most common substance that leads to a DWI is alcohol. Whether it’s beer, wine, spirits or alcohol in some other form, it has the potential to lead to a DWI if you’re caught driving recklessly while impaired.

Another common cause of DWIs is impairment by prescription drugs. For example, prescription opioids, like fentanyl or hydrocodone, may make people dizzy and tired. These drugs might also make people confused or slow their reaction times.

Impairment by illicit drugs, like heroin or cocaine, is also possible and may lead to a DWI. On top of a DWI, it is possible to face drug charges if you’re caught driving while using illegal drugs.

Can you face a DWI if you aren’t impaired by drugs or alcohol?

Yes, you can, which is a fact that confuses a lot of people. While you may be able to defend against the arrest later, it is possible that you could be accused of a DWI when you’re actually dealing with a medical emergency. For example, if you have diabetes, your breath may smell like alcohol due to high blood sugar levels. This could lead to an arrest prior to realizing that you’re dealing with a medical condition.

A good defense is essential when you’re facing a DWI

Since there are so many reasons that a person could face a DWI, it’s important that everyone has an opportunity to defend themselves. A good defense can make a big difference in your case and help you minimize the risk of facing serious consequences, like jail time or heavy fines, for unusual driving behaviors.