Could you face drug charges if you possess these products?
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Could you face drug charges if you possess these products?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Drug Charges

Any drug offense is serious as it can carry stiff penalties, including potential imprisonment, fines, and a lifetime of collateral consequences. However, possession is the least serious of all drug offenses, especially when compared to distribution or trafficking offenses.

There are instances in which individuals who would typically be facing possession charges end up facing enhanced charges because law enforcement discovers everyday cleaning solvents and other household products within some proximity of a small amount of a controlled substance. Police investigators may assume that their suspect is operating a much larger manufacturing operation when this occurs.

What normally legal products could lead to more serious drug charges?

The possession of marijuana for recreational use is still illegal in Texas. You might particularly like certain herbs you use for cooking or have catnip around your house for your cat. Both of these may have a similar appearance to marijuana when crumbled. This stash, in combination with rolling paper (that you use for making your own tobacco-based cigarettes) could leave you facing serious drug charges over nothing illegal.

A combination of cleaning solvents that are known to police to be used to formulate meth might also raise their suspicions. If you use your kitchen for a small soap or candle-making operation, then your kitchen might appear as if you’re mixing chemicals — not all that different from a meth lab.

Certain substances such as sugar or baking soda may appear like cocaine, especially if separated from their packaging. The presence of a hollowed-out pen or straw could also give police the impression that you’re up to something illicit.

It’s possible for you not to have a drug on you but to still end up facing such charges. You may also temporarily face upgraded distribution or trafficking charges if initially arrested on suspicion of possession. You must act aggressively to minimize the impact that drug charges could have on your life.