Grand Jury Investigations

The most critical point in a felony criminal case is before indictment. At that point, you have the ability to get a no bill (grand jury decides not to file charges) or the charges reduced to a lesser crime.

At the Law Offices of James Angelino, we believe in taking aggressive measures on behalf of our clients. We provide advice and representation from the very beginning of a case and ensure that our client’s rights are protected while trying to get the best available outcome.

If you have been called to testify before a grand jury, you should never testify without seeking counsel first. Did you know that you are not allowed an attorney at the Grand Jury Proceedings? You will be questioned by the prosecutor and how you answer could lead to an indictment against you.

Deciding whether to testify or not to testify will be one of the most important decisions of your life. James Angelino has more than 27 years’ experience in Criminal Law. He has the type of experience that few attorney’s do. He has personally handled every aspect of a criminal case, from the arrest thru trial. Jimmy can review your case and provide the advice you need.

Another option instead of testifying in front of the grand jury is to put in what some call a Grand Jury Packet. This is a packet that can include documentation of personal recommendations, sworn statements from possible witnesses, and could include polygraph evidence or a statement from the accused. This is sometimes a better solution than testifying since you cannot have an attorney in the Grand Jury to protect your rights and an accused can get their side of the story out to the Grand Jury without being cross examined.

We can advise you how to best respond to a grand jury investigation — Jimmy can advise you regarding a grand jury investigation with the goal of receiving a no bill on your case or getting the charges reduced.

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