Drug Offenses

If you have been arrested for a drug crime such as possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing/ delivery of controlled substances, or possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver you are facing a possible severe sentence that could greatly impact you and your family’s life.

As a former assistant district attorney in Denton and Dallas Police Officer, James Angelino has been involved in multiple drug cases. Mr. Angelino’s 19 yrs. experience as a Certified Peace officer enables him to use his knowledge of police procedures to get you the best result possible.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, James Angelino utilizes his 19 years of experience, along with his understanding of Search and Seizure law, to carefully scrutinize law enforcement’s investigation in order to uncover any deficiency that may exist in the case against you.

There are many things a knowledgeable attorney can do for you. The first two things that must be looked at are in certain cases, was the stop or search legal? If it isn’t we may be able to file a motion to suppress the evidence. If granted, none of the evidence found during an illegal stop or search cannot be used against you at trial. This would usually mean the charges would be dropped.

In some cases the amount of drugs law enforcement may find is so little that your case may be dismissed or the charges may be lowered. A well versed and experienced attorney will be able to negotiate these type cases with the prosecution and get the best results possible for you.

If you have a drug problem and are charged with possession of a controlled substance there is another option for you. Drug treatment, in many cases, will get your punishment lowered or in some cases dismissed. There are many programs that are available to someone who may have a drug problem. Attorney James Angelino has vast experience dealing with drug treatment facilities and can help you get the help you need, which in turn, will help your case.

If you have been arrested for any drug offense, contact the Law Offices of James Angelino immediately for a FREE consultation and review of your legal rights! To schedule a free initial consultation and review of all your legal rights, contact (972) 377-0088.