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How Will I Get To Work After A DWI Arrest?

If you have been charged with DWI in Texas, you may have concerns about your driver’s license being suspended. One of the key questions facing many Texans in this circumstance is: How will this impact my ability to get to and from work?

There may be defenses in your case to challenge this driver’s license suspension. Even if your license is suspended, many drivers are eligible for an occupational driver’s license.

At The Law Offices of James Angelino, I can protect your rights on all fronts, including protecting your license from suspension or seeking an occupational driver’s license.

I can help you with the application materials associated with requesting a license that permits the operation of a motor vehicle for “essential need purposes,” i.e., employment, school, household needs.

Immediate action must be taken to protect your driving privileges. I can show you how.

What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Case?

In protecting your driver’s license, I will draw upon my extensive experience in criminal law to answer questions such as:

  • Did the officer have a valid reason to stop you?
  • Can the breath test be ordered not admissible in court?
  • How would a refusal of the breath test affect your case?
  • Can steps be taken to provide you with a driving permit for work?
  • Will a review of the videotape reveal defenses?
  • Can your case be handled without your appearance at every setting on the Court’s docket?
  • Can your bond be reduced or returned?
  • Can your case be reduced by the prosecutor to a charge other than DWI?
  • Can a “continuance” of your court date be obtained to investigate your options?

You don’t have to face this critical legal matter alone. To arrange a legal consultation with an experienced Texas DWI defense attorney, contact my law office online or by telephone at 972-943-6260.