DWI consequences for minor Texas drivers
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DWI consequences for minor Texas drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | DWI

The consequences of drinking and driving in Texas come with a variety of punishments, but few include such severe penalties as underage offenders. The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that those convicted of a DWI offense lose their license for one year; however, this is only one of several consequences minor drivers may face.

Texas minor drivers who find themselves convicted of a DWI may regain their license but might still face several consequences as a result of the conviction.

Fees and fines

Underage drinkers who receive a DWI conviction may have to pay a variety of court fees and fines, depending on the type of punishment the attending judge hands down. Those who wish to regain their driving privileges need to pay a $100 license reinstatement fee.

Limited driving privileges

Minors convicted of drunk driving in Texas may have to apply for an interlock ignition device that restricts their ability to drive if the system detects any alcohol in the driver’s system. Drivers must blow into the connected tube on the device to give a sample before the device can sense they are not intoxicated. Others may operate a motor vehicle under a restricted license.

Driving and alcohol awareness classes

Some courts may require minor drivers convicted of a DWI to attend alcohol awareness classes. These may last up to 12 hours and if the attending judge makes these classes mandatory, the convicted minor may face additional fees and further punishment if he or she fails to attend.

Repeated DWI offenses made by minor Texas drivers could result in multiple suspensions and additional fees, as well as the eventual permanent loss of driving privileges.