How can a DWI impact your future?
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How can a DWI impact your future?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | DWI

It is important to take DWI charges seriously from the start. Even if it is a first-time charge, it can still result in tremendous impacts to a person’s daily life and future.

But just what are these impacts? How can a DWI – even just one – have an impact on just about every area of a person’s life?

Job loss from jail time

Forbes discusses what happens after getting convicted of a DWI. First, there is the possibility of facing time in jail or enormous fines and fees that can take a substantial amount of time to pay off.

But this is just the start. Due to time in jail, a person may lose their job. They could have trouble finding a new one, too. Though it is illegal in many cases for an employer to discriminate against someone solely because of criminal history, this does not stop them from passing over applicants with a dirty record for applicants with a clean one.

Trouble getting hired

On top of that, many fields simply do not hire people with a DWI on record and it is not illegal for them to do so. Such fields include government jobs, as well as any position that involves interaction with children, like teachers or nannies. Of course, jobs requiring commercial driver’s licenses or the transport of goods are off the table.

Trouble finding housing

A DWI may even impact housing, as many landlords will look over applicants with a record in the same way potential employers might. This is why DWI charges should get taken seriously from the start.