Facing criminal charges for assault? Get off social media
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Facing criminal charges for assault? Get off social media

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You have a major problem with another person — and the conflicts between you eventually escalated. Now you’re facing assault charges (or worse).

That’s already a rough situation, but your troubles can be compounded through something as simple as a Facebook rant, an angry Tweet or a vent on TikTok.

Here’s why you need to get off social media while your case is pending

Everything you say or do online is ultimately discoverable — and the police aren’t shy about accessing social media for evidence. In fact, online searches for information about a defendant are pretty much routine. If you think your privacy settings will protect you, they won’t. There are numerous “back door” ways that the authorities can use to see whatever you’ve posted.

There are all kinds of ways that your posts can hurt you in an assault case. Consider the following:

  • You respond in comments on a community page to “tell your side of the story,” but some of your online narrative about the situation doesn’t match what you told the police or say in court.
  • You post a frustrated, angry rant about the other party, and some of your words can be construed as an actual threat of violence.
  • You use the “check-in” feature on your phone, and the data indicates to the police that you violated a restraining order against you or the terms of the bond that is keeping you out of jail.
  • You post photos of yourself doing something that could be used to show your propensity for violence, like holding a gun at target practice.

In some cases, a post may be just enough to give the prosecution more evidence for their case. In others, they could lead to additional charges.

If you’re facing assault charges of any kind, don’t try to handle the situation without experienced legal assistance. An attorney will protect your rights and your future.