Could a spiked drink really lead to a DWI charge?
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Could a spiked drink really lead to a DWI charge?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | DWI

One reason that people sometimes give when they unexpectedly get a DWI is that they were not drinking alcohol at all — at least, they didn’t know they were. They claim that someone must have spiked their drink. They never even thought they were under the influence, or they thought they just had one drink when they really had the equivalent of many more. 

People do spike drinks, and one way to avoid having this happen to you is to understand why. You always want to be very careful when drinking, especially around people that you do not know very well. 

One of the biggest reasons is sexual assault. Someone may spike your drink in order to take advantage of you or to make it more likely that you’ll engage in a romantic relationship with them. Cases like this often include drinks being spiked with drugs other than alcohol, which can amplify the effects — which could be why you get pulled over when you don’t think you’ve had more than enough to drink. 

The second biggest reason is that some people see it as a prank. Maybe you’ve never had alcohol before, your friends thought it would be funny to get you drunk, and they slipped some alcohol into your soft drink. You didn’t notice and tried to drive home, but no one told you. That’s why you are blowing a BAC that is over the legal limit, despite insisting you have never even consumed alcohol in your life. 

If you are facing charges due to something that was out of your control, you need to understand your legal options. It’s important to defend your rights and your future, whatever the charges you’re facing.